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    • Debbie and Craig Timms, owners of Rancho Ruiz, have been devoted to Natural Horsemanship training techniques for many years. They began holding clinics and other events at Rancho Ruiz in 2007. Parelli Professionals and other Natural Horsemanship clinicians have held private lessons, group lessons, multiple day clinics and other events at Rancho Ruiz.

      Debbie and Craig are long-time members of the Bay Area Savvy Players (BASP), a non-profit organization. Debbie served as president for 2 years. The group's mission is, "To challenge, encourage, and inspire, to stretch our imaginations and ourselves, and to stay focused on our Parelli Natural Horsemanship journey to a more harmonious partnership with our horses, and have fun doing it!" Debbie and Craig have sponsored many BASP Play Days at Rancho Ruiz. It is the perfect place for BASP members, of all levels, to push themselves and their horses beyond their comfort zone in a safe, supportive environment.

    • Natural Horsemanship methods of training have been around for millennia, dating to the advocacy of gentle methods by Xenophon in Ancient Greece. Natural horsemanship gains trust from the horse. By not scaring and hurting the horse, the horse learns to work with people in a partnership versus as an adversary.

      Horses are social herd animals and have a highly developed communication system practiced primarily through body language. It is possible for humans to learn to use body language to communicate with the horse. Horses are quick to escalate a behavior if early warnings are not heeded. Similarly, in Natural Horsemanship, the trainer uses body language along with other forms of gentle pressure with increasing escalation (phases) to get the horse to respond. Horses are quick to form a relationship of respect with humans who treat them this way.


    • Rancho Ruiz is located in Gilroy, California just 16 miles south of San Jose, California. It is bounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains to the west and the Diablo Range to the east, and due to the moderating influence ...

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      • Address: Rancho Ruiz, 993 Day Road,
      • City: Gilroy, California 95020
      • Call: 408-309-0538
      • Email: info@ranchoruiz.com

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